Together We’ve Powered Up Margaret Stewart House!

SolarKing is proud to announce the “Power Up the Cancer Society” fundraising campaign for Margaret Stewart House is now complete.

Cancer Society - Margaret Stewart House
Power Up the Cancer Society - Margaret Stewart House
Margaret Stewart House - Cancer Society - Solar installation

The Project – Margaret Stewart House, Wellington

Margaret Stewart House WellingtonMargaret Stewart House in Wellington is a home away from home for hundreds of cancer patients and their families every year who travel from the Greater Wellington area, Marlborough, Nelson and Wairarapa.

The Cancer Society provides free supportive care and accommodation to those going through cancer treatment; funds vital cancer research, and works to reduce cancer for future generations.

The “Power Up the Cancer Society” initiative focused on fundraising and donations to install a cost saving solar power system on Margaret Stewart House.

For more information on Margaret Stewart House please click here: Margaret Stewart House.


The Outcome

Roy Maddox, SolarKing with Gareth Hughes, Green MP

The “Power Up the Cancer Society” initiative has raised over $70,000 in generous donations through Everyday Hero, business donations and SolarKing contributions from every solar package sold.

The 112 panel solar power system will cut the Cancer Society’s power bills today and free up money that can be channelled into core activities that have a direct and positive impact on people going through cancer.

The Cancer Society Wellington will save over $300,000 in power costs over the warranty period of the panels, which can be used to pay for essential support for cancer patients and their families.

The solar installation is now complete and your generous donations are delivering power savings everyday to support the Cancer Society.

Solar power donations really are the gift the keeps on giving! 

Margaret Stewart House - Cancer Society - Solar installation
Margaret Stewart House - Cancer Society - Solar installation
Margaret Stewart House - Cancer Society - SolarKing Community Project

Our Thanks to everyone involved

SolarKing Thanks YouSolarKing would like to thank all those generous individuals and businesses who contributed; we sincerely appreciate your support and contributions to such a worthy cause.

For all of you who have made a donation, your solar panels are now generating ‘free power’ today will continue to do so for at least the next twenty five years.

We are delighted to be involved in community projects and we look forward to delivering many more solar focused projects over the coming months and years, with your generous support.

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We initiate, fundraise, support and deliver community solar projects that generate ongoing savings year after year for decades to come, freeing up community funds to be used for health, education and research causes.

When you choose SolarKing for your next solar project, you’re directly benefiting our community projects as we donate from all panels sold.