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At SolarKing we design commercial solar systems to reduce power costs and carbon footprints through a combination of solar power generation and energy storage technology.


Reduce your power bills by $1000’s by generating power off your roof with a SolarKing solar power system.

Business Owners can get the benefits of free power off your roof NOW with $0 outlay.

  • Finance your system on $0 deposit, up to 10 year terms at very competitive rates.
  • Lease your system over 7 years and own it at the end, 100% tax deductible! Generally these systems fully pay for themselves over 7 years and after that all your power is FREE!

  • Enter into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) where you buy the power not the power plant. Buy power off your own roof at up to 30% less than you are paying and you can buy the system at the end of an agreed term for a depreciated price. All of the benefits and none of the capital costs!

We have great options for business owners that will give you immediate benefit, reduce your business overheads and not require huge capital outlay!


Increase your property revenue by generating power off the roof space and selling it to your tenants!

SolarKing commercial solar offers great benefits for commercial property owners.

  • Increase property revenue.
  • More revenue equals HIGHER VALUATION of your property.
  • Provide tenants with lower cost electricity.
  • Retain tenants by providing more benefit that other options.
  • Finance and lease options available

As a commercial property owner SolarKing’s solar solutions add value to your property, to your tenants andto your rental agreements.

Lower your building’s carbon footprint and secure long term tenacy agreements.

Finance available through Capex Finance plan or Opex Lease arrangement to suit your needs. Systems can be 100% funded and 100% tax deductable!


The move to solar power in New Zealand’s commercial sector is TAKING OFF!

All over the country businesses and property owners are taking advantage of solar power to enhance their properties, provide long term income and reduce business overheads.

Our knowledgeable team will work with you to understand your commercial solar needs and we’ll prepare a proposal to analyse the system cost and your return on investment.

Contact us today or give us a call on 0508 765 276 – we are here to help.


“If you want to know if a commercial solar solution is financially viable for your business, building or property portfolio in 2024, then you’ll love our no-nonsense 12-page report. It could save you a huge amount of time and money”

Importantly, we want to help you figure out if going solar is right for you. Commercial solar does not make sense for everyone, but for many it can be a way to:

  • Reduce your monthly operating costs
  • Increase the value of your property (and increase your borrowing capacity)
  • Hedge against the rising cost of power and ‘lock-in’ an ultra-low power price for up to 25 years (it ain’t getting any cheaper)
  • If you qualify, to create an additional income stream and participate in passive profit sharing from the sale of excess power back to the grid, generated from your property.
  • Build your green credentials in an authentic way in line with international Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) practices to help meet international standards
  • Reduce your carbon emissions in a quantifiable way. Not only can it contribute to a sustainable future and satisfy the concerns of your customers (and their customers), it can also be leveraged as a competitive advantage in your marketplace.
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Our Commercial Solar customers and investors make returns well above current market rates, with long term residual income and tax benefits.

Increase your property value by up to double your capital outlay and add value to your tenancy offering.

Finance available through Capex Finance plan or Opex Lease arrangement to suit your needs. Systems can be 100% funded and 100% tax deductable!


Like to learn more about Commercial Solar? Check out our commercial solar videos providing a overview of some commercial installations and client feedback.

I have found SolarKing very easy to deal with, right from the first time I contacted them to inquire about installing a solar power system I have found their staff members punctual, knowledgeable and reliable.

The installation team worked quickly and thoroughly and the solar system was connected to the grid soon after it was completed.
I would thoroughly recommend SolarKing to anyone contemplating installing a solar power system.

Bill, Auckland

I am very happy with the whole experience of purchasing a solar electricity system through SolarKing. I found their staff to be knowledgeable, and efficient. They informed me fully as to what was to happen and did the job when they said they would.

Overall I think that SolarKing is the best company I have dealt with for a very long time and should serve as a model of how commercial needs can be met while treating the customer as an important and valued person. Sadly that is not always the case.

Conway, Auckland


SolarKing is a leading New Zealand commercial solar company, having designed and installed thousands of tailored solar solutions throughout New Zealand. Here are just a handful of our Commercial Solar projects.

SolarKing TRT Solar Installation
Graphic Packaging Commercial Solar Install
Dilworth School Solar Installation
Mainfreight Solar Installation Hamilton NZ
Fitness Centre Commercial Solar Installation
SolarKing TRT Solar Installation Hamilton
Graphic Packaging Commercial Solar Install 1400 panels
Mainfreight commercial solar installation NZ
Solar install Cheese cake shop
SolarKing TRT Solar Panel Installation
Graphic Packaging Commercial Solar 770kW installation
Commercial Solar Mitre 10 Install
Commercial Solar Manawatu House Annies Bakery
Commercial Solar Domain Lodge


Would you like a no obligation commercial solar proposal?

The knowledgeable team at SolarKing can answer all your Commercial Solar questions, we are here to help.

Commercial Solar offers a stong return on your investment, whether you’re a building owner or a business owner.

SolarKing offer full commercial solar solutions, from concept, design, planning and project management. We can also fully manage your asset, monitoring, metering, invoicing your tenants, generate financial reporting and maintain your solar systems. We also offer a range of finance options too.

Whether you’re looking to own your commercial solar system, lease a system to lower your power costs for your business or your tenants or just buy cheaper power straight off your roof with no capital outlay – let’s talk.

For a no obligation discussion about your solar goals, we provide free solar advice and proposals outlining your ROI.

Please complete the form and our knowledgeable team will be in touch with you promptly or simply give us a call on 0508 765 276.

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