Free Charging For Nissan Leaf Owners In Texas

In the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston areas, new buyers and lessees of Nissan Leafs will be able to charge their cars at public charging stations at no cost for the first year of driving.

Image Credit: Daniel.Cardenas

Image Credit: Daniel.Cardenas

The cost of charging a Leaf for a year is not likely to be huge, so perhaps this giveaway doesn’t seem so grand. However, being able to charge for nothing at 23 locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and at 17 in the Houston area sounds very generous. Free charging should also help get people used to this new way of fueling their vehicles. Also, there are free charging stations at the Dallas-Fort Worth and Houston airports. So, it will be possible to park and charge for free when traveling out of town. After returning from a trip, your Nissan Leaf would be waiting fully charged for you, at no extra cost.

DC fast chargers are available at some of the locations. These devices can bring a battery up to 80% full in about 30 minutes. The other type of chargers take several hours to fully charge a battery. Many of the chargers are located near restaurants or retail shops, so drivers can have something to do while they are waiting. Also, most of them are available every day and at all times.

The NRG eVgo charger network is not only located in Texas. They will also have hundreds of stations in California and Washington, DC.

It seems a little strange to consider EVs and charging stations in Texas, a state that is also home to various oil tycoons. Wind and solar power resources are very abundant there, however. In fact, if these renewable, natural resources are carefully developed, Texas could be energy independent and off of fossil fuels one day.

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