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Here’s What’s Inside:

  • The state of the solar market in 2024

  • Determining financial viability
  • Does your business suit solar?

  • Understanding the finance options

  • The benefits of solar for EV fleets
  • Getting started: The process
  • And much more…

SolarKing Free Commercial Solar Report

“If you want to know if a commercial solar solution is financially viable for your business, building or property portfolio in 2024, then you’ll love our no-nonsense 12-page report. It could save you a huge amount of time and money”

My name is Roy Maddox, and I am the CEO of SolarKing New Zealand.

I’ve been involved (and in love) with the world of solar for many years – especially commercial solar.

We’ve been fortunate to be part of some of the most exciting and meaningful solar projects around New Zealand.

I have seen the industry grow from just a few solar outfits like us giving very technical engineering advice over a decade ago, to now where it’s almost silly if you own a commercial building and don’t consider the benefits of solar energy.

After years of literally hundreds of commercial solar designs coming across my desk (and the desks of our in-house designers and engineers), the same questions kept coming up time and time again.

That’s why the team and I decided to create a useful resource to answer the big questions, especially if you are a business owner, building owner, property manager, CEO or CFO.

If you’re not up to speed with the technicalities of solar (most people aren’t), don’t worry, we’ve written it in plain English.

It’s titled “Commercial Solar In New Zealand: Is it Worth it?” and you can download it right now.

It contains no-nonsense, practical and up-to-date insights about commercial solar.

And it doesn’t matter if you’re on the Chatham Islands, Stewart Island or Kaitaia.

In fact, you could spend hours Googling this subject and still not uncover the real-world information that you’ll get in our report.

Importantly, we want to help you figure out if going solar is right for you. Commercial solar does not make sense for everyone, but for many it can be a way to:

  • Reduce your monthly operating costs to the point where you could be generating ‘free power’ for your operation (and tenants if you have them) after only a few short years
  • Increase the value of your property (and increase your borrowing capacity)
  • Hedge against the rising cost of power and ‘lock-in’ an ultra-low power price for up to 25 years (it ain’t getting any cheaper)
  • If you qualify, to create an additional income stream and participate in passive profit sharing from the sale of excess power back to the grid, generated from your property.
  • Build your green credentials in an authentic way in line with international Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) practices to help meet international standards
  • Reduce your carbon emissions in a quantifiable way. Not only can it contribute to a sustainable future and satisfy the concerns of your customers (and their customers), it can also be leveraged as a competitive advantage in your marketplace.

And more.

If you are keen to explore if commercial solar can help you achieve your organisation’s financial and strategic goals, we thank you for taking this first step.

Nga mihi

Roy Maddox, CEO
SolarKing New Zealand Limited


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