Home Solar Snapshot - Video FAQ seriesOur Home Solar Snapshot Video Series

Are you thinking about home solar?

SolarKing are proud to bring you our Home Solar Snapshot series, answering all the common solar FAQs with quick and easy to follow videos.

Our Home Solar Snapshot series provides an overview of home solar, solar terminology, panels, inverters, batteries, installations and maintenance.

Discover more about home solar today and if you have any questions or need any solar advice simply Contact Us or call the friendly team at SolarKing on 0508 765 276 – we’re here to help.

What is Solar Power? A simple introduction.

What is solar power? Is Solar power right for you? What are the benefits of solar? What does Solar cost? Our Home Solar Snapshot series answers these questions.

Video length: 4:00 minutes.

Solar Terminology - What are we talking about?

Thinking about Solar? Heard the terms grid-tied, off-grid, hybrid solar? This quick Home Solar Snapshot video explains all the common solar terminology. 

Video length: 3:11 minutes.

Solar Inverters: What's an inverter?

What is an inverter? What’s a hybrid inverter? How do inverters work? We explain the common solar inverter questions as part of our Solar Snapshot series.

Video length: 1:49 minutes.

Solar Batteries: An overview of battery technology

What are solar batteries? Discover more about solar batteries, the different battery types and how they store your solar energy.

Video length: 4:59 minutes.

Solar Batteries: What's the purpose of batteries?

Thinking about Solar with batteries? What’s the purpose of batteries? We answer the common solar battery questions so you can decide if batteries are right for you. 

Video length: 1:22 minutes.

Solar Batteries: Are they worth the investment?

Are solar batteries really worth the investment? Discover more about solar batteries and the benefits with our Solar Snapshot series.

Video length: 1:23 minutes.

Solar Installations: What is involved?

Is you roof suitable for Solar? Do you need a permit? How long does it take? Discover more about Solar Installations with SolarKing’s Solar Snapshot series.

Video length: 1:05 minutes.

Solar System Maintenance: What's involved?

Does my solar system need frequent maintenance? Do I need to clean the solar panels? This Home Solar Snapshot video covers these questions.

Video length: 0:33 minutes.

The Solar Future - Our take on where solar is going

What is happening with solar technology, what innovations are being developed, where is the market heading? We’ve summarised our findings from the recent Solar Expo, where we spoke to hundreds of people and reviewed a lot of the latest solar technologies.

Video length: 3:31 minutes.

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