Solar Batteries - Are they worth the investment?

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Solar Batteries - Are they Worth it? Video transcript

What’s the financial benefit of batteries people ask?

That’s an interesting question. If you’ve seen my other videos in the series and they’re on the website if you want to know more.

Basically if your standard solar system can contribute 40 to 50 percent of your power, adding batteries can take that up to 80 or 90 percent of your power.

The payback if you’re looking purely on a financial basis is probably in ten year nine year eight year payback depending on what you’re paying for power.

The security of batteries however of having power if the grid goes down appeals to a lot of people and people I find generally considering solar and batteries have a broad spectrum of requirements. It’s not just about the money anymore.

So batteries, talk to us and we can crunch the numbers for you, we can tell you what you need, and deliver security of power again.

Auckland has power outages as we know and many parts of the country do.

So don’t be the person who can’t flush the toilet because you’re in the country, electric fences have gone down, the cattle have gone out all because a power has gone down.

Let us sort you out. A battery bank with your solar – keeps you up and running and gives you the security of power. That’s enough for this snapshot. Thanks for tuning in again and we’ll be back soon with more info on solar, batteries and all things energy. Thank you.

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