Solar Installations- What's involved?

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Welcome to solar snapshots. And we’re answering your FAQS about solar.

One question I get asked about solar installations is -Is my roof suitable? 99% of roofs are suitable – we mount on corrugated iron, long run iron, shingle, decramastic, no problem. Most concrete tile roofs are suitable for solar. If it’s not totally shaded it’s all good, your roof is suitable.

Is a permit required? Most council’s have solar power as a non-consented item so you don’t need council consent to put solar on your roof. It’s another great thing.

How long will the solar installation take? Most of our installations if it’s not a very complicated system we can do them in a day. So generally speaking the boys will arrive in the morning, they’ll be done by the afternoon, clean up after themselves and before you come home from work it is all done and dusted.

So that’s really easy, solar installation it’s simple – panels, inverter on the roof, inverter in your garage, job done.

So call us for any more information on solar on 0508 765 276. That’s your snapshot and we’ll be back with more soon.