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Solar Terminology – What are we talking about? 

Welcome back to Solar Snapshots.

This is Solar Snapshots number two. Some answers about terminology.

So because we’re in the industry we throw around terms and it’s really easy for the client to not fully understand what you’re talking about.

So questions we often get asked are: What is grid tied solar mean? What is off grid Solar?

So in a nutshell if you’re on the mains power and if you’re putting solar on your roof and you’re going to retain the mains and the solar helps you halve your power bill then that’s called a grid tied system because your still tied to the national grid.

If however you’re either building in some way where there’s no mains power or maybe you have power and just want to cut that cable so you want to be fully on solar with no mains power whatsoever then that’s off grid, you’re no longer on the national grid. So grid tied verses off grid. Pretty simple stuff but you’d be surprised to know not everybody understands the terminology.

So the other thing that you’ll hear is hybrid.

Now if you’ve seen my other videos you know that we’ve got a couple of different takes on what the market calls hybrid systems.

So a hybrid system is taking a grid type system connected to the national grid, introducing battery storage so that you’re not as tied to the grid and if the grid goes down you’re operating on your battery so it’s kind of a hybrid between off grid and grid tied. So that’s what the market calls a hybrid system.

Now beware though, a lot of systems out there have a small amount of battery and have a very small amount of emergency power supply or none. If your power goes out and really the battery saves some power during the day that you use at night and you get the most out of your power generation it’s called a hybrid.

But really, in my book that’s an anti-export mechanism. It’s a battery so you don’t export your surplus power during the day so you use it at night and get full benefit. And that’s a fantastic system and a great use of a battery.

Our true hybrid systems that we build are actually large enough that if the power goes out for days or even weeks the system will run your home or run a significant part of your home. And that’s what we call a true hybrid system.

So again talk to our technicians, talk to me or one of the team and we can advise you on grid tied, off grid or a true hybrid. Lots of people call us saying they I want to go off grid, they don’t really mean they want to go off grid, they mean they don’t want to rely much on the power company. That’s one of those terminologies.

So that’s off grid, grid tied, hybrid. I hope that’s clear.

Thanks for listening and for any more information on solar just come to SolarKing online and one of our guys can tell you everything you need to know. Thanks again and we’ll see you next time.

If you have any questions give us a call at SolarKing on 0508 765 276.