The Solar Future - Where is Solar Going?

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The Solar Future - Where is Solar Going? Video transcript

Hi there as usual we’ve been off to Sydney to Smart Energy Expo 2019. We go every year and when we come back we just give a bit of an update on what we’ve seen. So after two days confusing the hell out of myself on everything solar on 100 different stands and all the panels and batteries and inverters and everything you can imagine, and hydrogen cars and man you know, it was an awesome show.

My takeaway from the show is basically to future proof yourself if you’re looking at a solar power, if you’re going to make an investment this is a 25 year investment you need to have batteries or you need to be battery ready because solar without batteries you’re not future proof.

This is where the world is going. There would have been 40 different displays there of various battery manufacturers, various battery types. It’s currently about batteries. So that was one of the main things I came away with.

So, SolarKing we’re focused on solar plus batteries equals Energy Freedom. And whether you’re looking at a completely off grid system, whether you’re looking at a hybrid system, whether with batteries you know you use them to store the power during the day use it at night, whether you want a grungy hybrid that runs your house – We can do any of those things.

We can recommend to you the right batteries for the specific solution you require. And my takeaway on batteries was there is a lot of technologies out there now, well really several main technologies but a lot of manufacturers.

So what we’re going to do is we’re only going to deal with manufacturers who we believe are going to still be there in ten years.
We may need a warranty claim on your batteries. There’s no point buying cheap batteries from an unknown manufacturer who in two years’ time may not be in business because honestly there was that many battery manufacturers at the show that you know that they can’t all survive as winners of the race. It’s like flat screen TV it’s you know there’s there’s probably only a half a dozen brands. Batteries are going to be like that. Who’s going to be the winners who are still going to be in business? Those are the ones we’re going to deal with.

So take away from the show really. Batteries.

Now hybrid inverters were also another thing we see. The change with inverters and the change with hybrid, which is battery ready inverters, is the new generation of battery ready inverters will power your house from the solar and the batteries if the power goes down but a couple of the new ones will actually, if you battery ready and haven’t added batteries yet, the power goes out but your solar power is there during the day, they’ll still feed that power to your house so you can actually get power off your panels without investing in batteries while the sun’s shining. At night-time well there’s no lunar power yet but that’s a couple of things we saw at the show.

Other than that lots of other panel iterations, you know a lot of other stuff there. But that’s the takeaways from Smart Energy. 2019 solar without batteries don’t even bother and talk to us about the various inverter iterations that will power your home when the sun goes down.

So that’s a smart energy 2019. Great show. Thanks for listening. We’ll see you next time hopefully answer some more of your FAQs all about solar. 

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