Solar Batteries - What are solar batteries?

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What is the purpose of solar batteries?

Thanks for coming back to Home Solar Snapshots.

We get asked a lot about batteries. What are solar batteries? Why would I add batteries? Are batteries worth it?

Well adding a battery to your system does two things.

That means that during the day you may be out at work your solar is generating power and it’s making more than the house is using, so you save it in your new battery. You come home from work you start cooking dinner, lo and behold the battery powers your house and you’re using your daytime solar power at night.

So that’s the use of solar batteries as well as giving you some power resilience because if you’ve got batteries and the mains power goes down then your solar battery bank can power some of the circuits in your house. Probably not all of them but it can keep your communications going, your modem keeps running, your power points in the kitchen and your fridge keeps running, some lights, your telly and life goes on because you’ve got solar batteries.

So that’s the purpose of batteries.

There you go – what are solar batteries – that’s what they’re all about.

What do they cost? It’ll cost you about eight to twelve thousand dollars to add batteries to your system.

What’s the payback? Well the payback is using all your solar power, having power when the power goes down and that’s all about batteries really.

It’s simple. We’ve got battery solutions for you. Thanks for coming back to SolarKing. We’ll see you next time. 

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