What is a Solar Inverter?

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Solar Inverters – What’s an inverter? 

Solar Inverters are often a question we get asked. What’s an inverter? What’s a hybrid inverter? What’s the difference?

So the inverter is the brains of the system. It takes the power from the panel, which is DC direct current power like a battery, it converts that power and then switches into AC and feeds it into your house so that your house can use it.

Because homes run on AC power it’s a simple unit that inverts power. So a standard inverter simply takes the solar power, turns it into mains quality power, feeds it into a fuse board. Your house uses that power seamlessly and the inverter imports power from the grid as it needs it, exports it back if you’re making too much and it’s the brains of your system.

A hybrid inverter or battery ready inverter is a combination of the inverter I just described with a battery management system.

So this unit is able to connect to batteries, it does everything an inverter does. Plus the surplus power that a normal inverter would send to the power company, this system sends it to the battery where it’s stored and the inverter controls your home’s power so that your home is spending the solar power first, the battery power second and only thirdly will it take any power from the grid.

So a hybrid inverter condenses an inverter and a battery management system and the more sophisticated options have complete energy management systems and reporting and monitoring and everything built on.

So there’s your snapshot on inverters.

Thanks for watching. And that’s another one of our solar snapshots series. We’ll see you next time to answer some more of your FAQs. Thank you again and come to SolarKing if you need any more information on solar power. 

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