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Home Solar – What is Solar Power?

Welcome to our new Home Solar Snapshots series.

We’ve had a lot of frequently asked questions coming our way over the years.

As you can imagine and what I’m going to attempt to do in this series is just a number of short videos that address most of those topics as we go.

So number one is home solar and an overview. So people first looking at solar have a few very simple basic questions.

So is solar right for me? What are the benefits of solar power?

The benefits naturally of solar power for 99 percent of our buyers are cost savings. For most of us power is one of the most expensive things in the home. You’ve got insurance, you’ve got rates and you’ve got your other things and then power. And as we know and as we’ve experienced recently in the last few months particularly, power prices just keep going up.

The benefit of solar power is really to get that power cost down to save the money, spend it on something you’d rather use it for than give it to the power company. So the number one benefit largely is saving money. Second benefit of course is to give yourself some resilience and power so that depending on your system we can design a system where if you’re in an area where power goes out quite frequently your solar power system now can support you in those outages. Now we can do that with or without batteries some of the new hybrid inverters coming in that are built to take batteries will also power you during the day off your solar panels even if you haven’t got batteries yet. So the benefits are power resilience and saving money.

Now the other basic questions are how does solar power work?

What is the average cost? What size system do I need? Well solar power really just takes the sun’s radiation turns that solar radiation into electricity through the solar panel puts that electricity into a distribution board and powers everything in your house that it can at the time you producing it. So that’s the basics without getting technical of how it works.

What size system do I need?

The size solar power system you need totally depends on the size power bill you have. Typically without batteries or anything else we can offset 40 to 50 percent of your standard power bill. So we’ll design a system that absolutely suits to halve your power bill for you as a starting point and for most homes in the $150 to $200 to $250 a month power bill, that’s normally something like a two and a half to three and a half kilowatt system.

What does Home Solar cost?

As far as cost goes you’re looking at between say eight and a half thousand dollars up to maybe twelve thousand dollars in that range for your system. So that’s the benefits and we’ve touched on how it works which we can get as technical if you like – there’s also a nice little video on our website about how solar works you can watch and the benefits of solar.

So is my home suitable for solar?

Most homes, 90 percent of homes are suitable one way or another for solar. It doesn’t have to be on the north facing roof anymore. It could be on the east on the west, pretty much all of the roof areas are suitable for solar. The only thing that we come across is if you live in an area, such as maybe Titirangi in Auckland, where you might be right amongst the bush surrounded by trees in that instance well maybe your house just isn’t suitable because it’s totally shaded but that’s a rarity and 90 percent of homes are suitable for solar.

So give us a call at SolarKing on 0508 765 276. We can customize a system for you that suits your home, that suits your lifestyle and that at least halves your power bill. So that’s my first solar snapshot. Quick and to the point, come back again and we talk about another topic of your frequently asked questions next time. Thanks for visiting SolarKing.