Helpful tips when choosing a solar package

SolarKing will answer all your solar questions, ensuring the solar package you choose is the best solution for your needs now and in the future and one that gives you the best value for money.

The best way to determine the right solar power system for you is a no obligation in-home consultation with one of our solar power advisors.
In order to determine your power requirements, have your power bill handy and we will determine what your daily power use is and after discussing your lifestyle, power use patterns and the various aspects of your power requirements we can determine the correct size system for you.

This is very important as the main benefit from FREE solar power is to use it in your home. Producing too much and exporting it back to the power company for a small credit (only 7c to 10 c per kWh) is not a great benefit.

We will help you work out how much power you can use during the day and how to maximise your benefits by changing your consumption habits.
Relatively simple things such as putting a timer on your hot water system and maybe your washing machine and changing your power use habits where possible can maximise your benefits and minimise your power costs.

When choosing a solar package, there are a wide range of components available e.g. different brands and types of solar panels, broad range of solar inverters etc. We offer free, no obligation solar advice.

To help explain the various solar components included in our solar packages, we’ve put together informative Solar In a Nutshell videos to simplify your search for the perfect solar solution. We invite you to watch our videos and if you have any questions at all simply call the friendly SolarKing team on 0508 765 276, we’re here to help.

How do I know which solar package to choose?

Our consultants will go over everything with you and after considering your power use and daily use profile will then consider the physical aspects of your home.

Naturally not all homes are the same, some have great north facing roof areas with no shading that are PERFECT for solar power.
Others may have several smaller roof areas facing in different directions.

A standard system may be perfect for you or you may benefit more from a micro-inverter solar package.

There is no one answer that suits all needs, we will recommend the correct technology and system size for your specific requirements.

If you have any questions about our solar packages, give the friendly team at SolarKing a call on 0508 765 276 – there is no obligation and we’re here to help.
Solar in a Nutshell - Video FAQ series
Like to learn more about Solar? Check out our short 'Solar in a Nutshell' videos which answer all the common solar questions.

What size solar package do I need?

Whilst there is no definitive answer to this question, as an indication of the likely solar system size for your needs we give the following guidelines:

  • Small home, 2 people low to average power users with low to medium daytime power use 1.5kW-2kW system
  • Small to Medium Home, couple and 1-2 children, low to medium daytime user 2-3 kW system
  • Medium to large home 3 or more people, low to medium daytime user 3-4 kW system
  • Large home 4 or more people, medium to high daytime user 4-5 kW system
  • Large Home, big family, swimming pool and spa, high daytime user, 5 kW system or even larger.

We will tailor your system to your specific needs, an in-home consultation is the best way to determine the right system for your specific needs.

If you have any questions about which size solar package would best suit your needs, give the friendly team at SolarKing a call on 0508 765 276 – there is no obligation and we’re here to help.

Which Solar Panels should I choose?

When it comes to solar panels there are a vast range of options available.

However not all solar panels are created equal.

Internationally, solar panel manufacturers are rated as Tier 1, 2 or 3. Tier 1 being the most reliable and from the most reputable and financially secure companies and Tier 3 being potentially the least reliable.

At SolarKing we are direct importers of a range of solar products and through our international network of suppliers we have access to most products available in the market.

We only import proven Tier 1 products that are most suitable for NZ conditions.

With SolarKing you can rest assured that the products we represent are selected for quality and durability and are the very best available.

If you have any questions about our solar panels, give the friendly team at SolarKing a call on 0508 765 276 – there is no obligation and we’re here to help.

What are Solar Inverters?

When it comes to solar inverters, the “brain” of the solar system there are also a lot of options in brand and manufacturer.

However in technology there are 2 choices:

The “string” inverter, which is the traditional technology for managing the current produced from your system and changing it from DC (direct current) to AC (alternating current) so that it can be used directly in your home.
Traditional string inverters have been in production for well over 30 years and are the tried and tested “standard” technology for solar power systems.
A string inverter is connected to a number of panels, referred to as a “string” or “array” of panels. The inverter controls the power generated by that particular string.
Generally the inverter is a very robust electronic component of your system, but like all electronic products there are various makes and models available and not all are equal.
At SolarKing we have always prided ourselves on representing the world’s leading manufacturers and the string inverters that we supply are from the leading manufacturer SMA of Germany, the acknowledged world leader in inverter technology for over 30 years.

Our 2nd option in inverters is from an SMA group-owned company Zever Solar, based in China but with the same quality control principals that SMA prides itself on.
These inverters are proving to be “rock solid” as you would expect from a German owned and managed manufacturer and offer our customers an extremely cost effective and reliable option in solar inversion.

If you have any questions about our solar inverters, give the friendly team at SolarKing a call on 0508 765 276 – there is no obligation and we’re here to help.

What are Micro Inverters?

Micro Inverters are small individual inverters that are mounted behind each solar panel, with every panel having its own inverter.

Micro inverters are a relatively new technology, but in certain circumstances have advantages over traditional “string” inverters.

With traditional “string” inverter systems, if one panel in a string is shaded then the whole array’s production is affected due to the electronic management of the string.
With micro inverters each solar panel’s production is maintained at full potential. Therefore if you have a roof area that is subject to some shading, for instance from a chimney, tree or similar, then micro inverters are a good choice.

Micro inverters also allow you to have panels on various different roof areas, ideal for homes that do not have just one ideal roof for panels. With a standard “string” inverter system there needs to be ideally at least 5-6 panels per string as the inverter requires a minimum voltage to engage ( normally around 100V) and therefore less panels, producing less combined voltage, will not turn on as early in the day or stay on later in the day as production drops.

With micro inverters each panel only needs around 17-20V to come on so you get the maximum production time from your panels and can install 1 or more panels on a roof and still get maximum benefit.

Our solar consultant can review your energy requirement, survey your property and recommended the right choice for you.

If you have any questions about our micro solar inverters, give the friendly team at SolarKing a call on 0508 765 276 – there is no obligation and we’re here to help.