Recent SolarKing Solar Installations:

We like to keep our website visitors updated on the various solar panel installations we’ve recently completed.

Here are just a few examples of the solar installations, showing a range of solar system installations and solar arrays installed.

Should you have any questions regarding your solar needs, please feel free to contact the team at SolarKing on 0508 765 276, contact us or request a free quote – we’d love to help with all your solar requirements.

A 5 kW Solar Panel installation with micro inverters

5kW Mico inverter install
5kW Mico inverter solar package install
5kW Mico inverter solar panel install

A 3 kW Solar Panel installation

3Kw Solar panel installation
3Kw Solar package installed

2 kW Solar Panel installations on decramastic roofs

2 kW solar panel system decramastic roof
2kW solar install on a decramastic roof

A range of Solar installations in progress

3kW Solar Installation
Solar installation in progress
Solar installation in progress

3 kW Solar Installations

3Kw Solar installation - cottage
Another SolarKing 3Kw installation
Innovative Solar install on shed roof

Larger Solar Installations

Install in progress rails down panels on
4.2kW Solar installation
5kw plus solar panel installation

Ground Based Solar array installations

Solar Ground Based Array installation2
Solar Ground Based Array installation2b
Solar Ground Based Array installation

Dilworth School Solar Installation

Dilworth School solar installation
Dilworth School Solar panel installation
Solar Panel installation at Dilworth School

Cancer Society – Domain Lodge Solar installation

Domain Lodge Solar installation
Cancer Society solar Installation in progress

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