SolarKing Carbon BatteriesIntroducing Carbon Batteries:

SolarKing are proud to introduce our range of Carbon batteries. These batteries are suitable for both offgrid and hybrid installations and offer great value for money over the life span of the battery.

Given carbon batteries are new to the market, we’re put together a Carbon Battery FAQ section, to help answer your questions. Of course if you have any questions or would prefer to discuss to find out more simply call the friendly team at SolarKing on 0508 NZ Solar (765 2769) – we’re here to help and offer no obligation solar advice and assistance.


Carbon Battery FAQs:

SolarKing Battery FAQsQ: What is a Carbon battery exactly?
A Carbon battery is a new type of battery where supercapacitor technology is used in which the positive electrode is made of standard lead dioxide and the negative electrode is activated carbon.

Q: What is so good about them?

  • Based on well-proven technology, these batteries last longer (than AGM, Gel or even most Lithium batteries)
  • Allow for greater depth of discharge (up to 100%)
  • Perform better in solar installations because of their capability to handle partial states of charge
  • Are maintenance free
  • Are fully recyclable using the current recycle processes used for standard batteries

Q: What sizes do they come in?
All our units are 2V and come in sizes from 240AH up to 2400AH.
This then allows you to combine them into banks of 12, 24 or 48v.

Q: What is their Depth of Discharge?
Carbon Battery lifecycleThe batteries can be discharged all the way down to 100% and still provide 800 cycles.
This is not to say this is the best use of the battery, we recommend using a 30% DoD in standard off grid installations. This will allow for 3 days autonomy and provide 7000 cycles (18-20 years!) of battery life.
The graph on the right illustrates the DoD vs the number of cyles

Q: Does it matter if we don’t fully charge the batteries to 100%?
No, this is one of the great advantages in using Carbon batteries. They have superior resistance against partial states of charge. Especially in solar installations it is very common not to be able to fully charge the batteries.

Q: What is the charge or discharge rate?
25% of the rated capacity of the battery. For example, the 2V 720AH unit has 720 x 25% = 180A maximum discharge rate

Q: What is their price point?
Between $0.50 and $0.55 per AH, depending on the battery chosen. Comparatively a better priced option than AGM, Gel, or Lithium batteries.

Q: Can they be used to replace existing AGM, Gel, Flooded or Lithium batteries?
Yes, any standard 12v, 24v, or 48v bank and be changed into a Carbon bank. Simply adjust the charger settings to match the Carbon units.

Q: Are they better than AGM & Gel batteries?
Yes. They last longer, perform better and are more cost effective than AGM or Gel.

Q: Are they better than Lithium batteries?
Yes. Performance and lifespan is similar to lithium batteries. The pricepoint is better and the usability in off grid systems is far superior.

Q: Do they require any maintenance?
No, they are fully sealed

Q: Can I put them outdoors?
No. Batteries (in general) perform best in controlled conditions. To prevent temperature impacts, terminal corrosion and prevent possible theft, we recommend putting the batteries inside. Our complete systems are designed for indoor installation only.

Q: How long will they last for?
Depending on the Depth of Discharge, you can usually count on 18-20 years in an offgrid application.

Q: Can I use them in both offgrid and hybrid installations?
Yes, most Hybrid and Off Grid systems in the market are compatible with these batteries.

Q: Do you provide the connectors & cables with a bank?
Yes, that is all included.

Q: What warranty do you provide?
3 Year full replacement warranty with 48 month Pro-Rata replacement warranty.

Q: Which batteries are better – AGM or Carbon?

We’re put together a simple PDF designed to highlight the strengths of each battery type. Click here to view the PDF.

Would you like to discuss Carbon Batteries?

If you’d like to have a chat about our Carbon Battery products or require any additional information simply give the friendly team at SolarKing a call on 0508 NZ Solar (765 2769) or use the Contact Us form to drop us a line.

We’re here to help and offer no obligation solar advice and assistance with all your solar questions.

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