Common Off Grid Solar Mistakes

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Off Grid Solar Common Mistakes (Video transcript)

Frequently Asked Questions, commonly what (Off Grid) mistakes should I not make?

Well if you look at it off grid power, there are a couple mistakes to avoid – don’t buy a system to your budget buy to your requirements, and we’ll engineer a system that actually provides the power you need not the power you can afford.

The price you pay today will be forgotten tomorrow when you’re living in the dark.

The other thing – Generators. You’ve got to have a generator with your Off Grid system and it needs to be a good generator.

Spend a bit of money now cause a cheap generator is going to sound like a tractor. It’s going to be running at eleven o’clock at night and a cheap one will run for six hours you won’t get any sleep.

So buy the system you need not the one you can afford and invest in a decent generator.

We’ll help you with all of that at SolarKing and Power Station, thanks again.

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