Off Grid Installation FAQs - What's involved?

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Off Grid Installation FAQs (Video transcript)

Solar snapshots – we’re answering questions we get about off grid power.

People often ask is it difficult to install?

Well our systems are dead easy. Your off grid system comes prewired in a cabinet. The solar panels plug in one end, out the other end comes AC power directly to your home’s distribution board.

Generally a system can be installed in a day by one of our technicians.

We make it EASY to go off the grid at SolarKing with our Power Station Off Grid power station of good palaces.

Well that’s it for solar snapshots. And thanks for listening. We’ll see you next time hopefully to answer some more of your questions all about solar. 

If you’d like any more information about Off Grid Solar simply call the friendly team at SolarKing for a no obligation chat on 0508 765 276 or contact us via our Off Grid contact form anytime.

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