Other than the solar news, wind news, transport news, and climate news I just shared, below is some more environment and cleantech news from the past week or so from around the interwebs.

Note: following this post, I’m actually going to streamline this news roundup process by sharing daily “other cleantech & environment” roundups only in this Google Doc (rather than doing so there and on this CleanTechnica page). Also, I’m not going to share our CleanTechnica stories in that doc, so be sure to check in on CleanTechnica for the top cleantech stories of the day. :D

  • Nuclear Disaster In France Would Cost 20% Of France’s GDP, France’s Institute of Nuclear Safety Finds
  • Hangout with an Ecopreneur: Caroline Cummings on Feb 19, 4 pm EST
  • What the FRACK? A Great Video Introduction to Fracking!
  • Low-Carbon Hybrid Energy Systems: China’s Future Energy Solutions
  • Green Deal: 61% of Public Have not Heard of Energy Efficiency Scheme
  • New More Efficient US Homes Eat Up as Much Energy as They Did a Decade Ago, Because They Are 30% Larger
  • Reformed U.N. Formula for Making Planet Greener to Get 1st Test
  • Electricity Self-Consumption and German Ecotax
  • Apache Natural Gas Well Has Leak Beneath Floor of U.S. Gulf
  • Finnish Firms Take on E.ON Stake in Reactor Project
  • ACEEE’s Energy Efficiency and Pollution Control (EEPC) Calculator
  • Exclusive: Foreign Investors Set to Sue Spain Over Energy Reform
  • Community Ownership of Grids
  • California Sets 50MW Target for Grid Energy Storage
  • Stromvelo Electricity Producing Fitness Bike
  • A New Standard for the Smart-Grid-Ready Home Appliance
  • Soraa Announces Next Generation of GaN on GaN LEDs with Record-Breaking Performance
  • Soraa Receives Lighting Award from U.S. Department of Energy
  • Worldwide LED Component Market Grows 9% With Lighting Ranking First Among All Application Segments, According To Strategies Unlimited
  • Nuventix Introduces the Smallest, Lightest LED Thermal Solution for High Bay Fixtures
  • NRDC President: Congress Should Enact Public Health and Environment Safeguards Before Any Further Expansion of Natural Gas Fracking Occurs
  • New York Fracking Gag Order Violates Freedom of Speech

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