Other than the solar news, wind news, transport news, and climate news I just shared, here’s some more environment and cleantech news from the past few days or so:

CleanTechnica Stories 

  • In First Test, U.S. Military’s SPIDERS Microgrid Uses 90% Renewable Energy
  • Power One And Panasonic Team Up For Energy Storage Plan
  • Extra High Voltage Underground Power Cables (VIDEO)
  • Mercury Contamination In Water Quantifiable With New App
  • Tax Reforms Could Save Energy, Create Jobs, And Pay For Themselves
  • US Energy Efficiency (VIDEO)
  • £600 Million Approved For UK’s ‘Green Deal’ Energy Efficiency Program
  • Heat Pumps — Introduction (VIDEO)
  • Green Infrastructure Turns Rain Into A Resource, Not A Pollution Source
  • The Game Is Afoot: Coal Companies Investigated For Alleged Fraud
  • Energy Efficiency Could Save US Billions, Create 1.3 Million Jobs By 2030
  • EU Is Burning More Coal, Looks To “Burn” Seawater Instead
  • Fossil Fuel Subsidies Are Public Enemy Number One, Says IEA
  • All Work And No Play Makes Earth Hotter And Hotter
  • Oil Subsidies & Natural Gas Subsidies — Subsidies For The Big Boys (Not For Society)
  • NREL’s Geothermal JEDI: Less Intimidating Than That Other JEDI
  • Energy Subsidy Nonsense — Energy Subsidy Narrow-mindedness Gets Old
  • Who Gets The Last Laugh On The Sally Jewell Nomination? 

Other Stories

  • Why Is Merit Order Compatible With Antitrust Law?
  • Fukushima Nuclear Crisis Update for February 5th to February 7th, 2013
  • EDF Demands Profit Guarantee for New Nuclear in UK
  • Major Nuclear Accident Would Cost France $ 580 Billion: Study
  • Disagreeing with Ulrich Kelber on Rösler
  • “Policy Debate Just Getting Interesting”
  • Nearly 400,000 Off-Grid Mobile Telecommunications Base Stations Employing Renewable or Alternative Energy Sources Will be Deployed From 2012 to 2020, Forecasts Pike Research
  • New Renewable Energy Policies to Negatively Impact Solar and Wind Frequency Inverters Market in Europe, Cautions Frost & Sullivan
  • Study Confirms Tea Party Was Created by Big Tobacco and Billionaires
  • The U.S. Electricity System: Overengineered & Vulnerable
  • GOP Lawmaker Laments [GOP-Led] ‘Congress Is Not a Reliable Partner’ To Cleantech
  • Flag on the Play: Misleading Energy Responses to the Super Bowl Blackout
  • Super Bowl Blackout Makes the Case for Smart Microgrids
  • Austin Residents Can Buy a GE Ultra-Efficient Water Heater for Next to Nothing
  • Tighter Emission Rules to Spur Clean Energy Innovation
  • How the US Could Double Energy Efficiency by 2030
  • EU Budget Delivers ‘Mixed News’ for Green Economy

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