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SolarKing - SunGrow SH5KOnce you have invested in solar power then the next step is to manage the use of your self-produced power to get the most benefit from your system.

One way to maximise the benefit of solar is to install a power diversion controller such as the Solar Immersion unit.

This unit works by monitoring your power production and diverting any power you are producing that is not being immediately used in your home to your electric hot water cylinder, underfloor heating or other power circuit.

This means that rather than exporting your power back to the power company for minimal credit, you keep it in your home, almost like turning your hot water cylinder into an energy bank.

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SolarKing Energy Management

Sonnen Battery Home Energy ManagementSonnen - SolarKing NZ


The sonnen Battery software allows you to monitor, analyse and control the electricity supply and demand of your household – anytime, anywhere. With a sonnen Battery solution you can achieve savings and peace of mind day and night.

Sonnen Energy Management Solutions

The key to your smart energy home.

  • The sonnen Battery optimises your household energy consumption by storing excess solar electricity for use later.
  • Adding a sonnen Battery to your solar power system enables you to Maximise the use of your clean solar energy by storing excess solar for use when you need it
  • Keep the lights on and your solar working during power outages with sonnen’s backup accessory
  • Lower your electricity bills by reducing the amount of expensive electricity you buy from the grid
  • Monitor and manage your household energy usage with your intuitive sonnen app
  • Increase your independence from your electricity supplier
  • Reduce your impact on the environment for future generations
  • Gain greater energy control.

Intelligent energy management

  • Web portal and app to provide real time production and consumption data to help you monitor your energy usage
  • Integrated energy management software uses weather data and historical energy usage to manage your energy supply
  • Smart plugs automatically use excess solar to run appliances
  • Remote system monitoring and software upgrades to ensure your system is working well – no maintenance required
  • Charge from the grid on cheaper off-peak tariffs – avoid peak rate electricity prices

Like to know more? Simply download the PDF below:

Sonnen Battery Energy Management (PDF)

SunGrow Smart Home Energy ManagementSolarKing - SunGrow inverters


SolarKing - SunGrow SH5KSolarKing supply and install the SunGrow Smart Home energy management solution, giving you the power to manage your power usage within your home.

Facing with the challenges of record-low feed-in tariffs and utilities enforcing zero exports, consumers suffer not only from an ever-increasing electricity prices, they also make very little from selling off excess green power or absolutely nothing at all to meet the zero export restriction.

Why Do You Need the SunGrow PV ESS (Photovoltaic Energy Storage System)?

Premium charged during peak period
Electricity used in peak times can place a strain on the grid network, that is why some utilities charge premium during peak period. The average power consumption of a typical household for instance, 28% of its usage during peak period would contribute to 53% of the total electricity bill.

In the above scenario, families are much better off financially by installing a PV power generation system giving you the ability to manage and control your power consumption during peak periods.

Benefits of SH5K PV ESS

SolarKing - SunGrow energy managementSungrow SH5K PV ESS is an ideal choice to facilitate the self-consumption of PV power by storing excess power into the battery.

Depending on your power consumption and solar panel system size the SunGrow system can be configured for zero energy export or to power batteries with excess solar power.


  • Works with both new and existing systems
  • Compatible with both lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries


  • Integrated high-frequency isolated battery charge/discharge circuit with the voltage of 48 V and maximum charge/discharge current of 65 A
  • Protection rating at IP65 (dust-proof and water-proof)
  • Off-grid emergency power supply with the capacity of 3000 W in battery mode

Integrated and Intelligent

  • Integrated energy management system and DI/DO function
  • Integrated active power limitation and reactive power regulation function
  • Multiple communication options via RS485/Ethernet/Wi-Fi/CAN

System functions

  • Load import power reporting
  • In addition to the daily, monthly, annual and total data of power generated, the SH5K PV ESS is capable of recording power imported from the grid during peak tariff period. This allows the customers to sensibly select an appropriate size for the battery based on its own consumption history.

Battery usage time settable

  • Maximize the return of investment by matching battery usage to peak tariff period.
  • The users will have the options to configure:
  • > On Weekdays (from Monday to Friday) or at weekends (Saturday and Sunday) with two time periods for each option.

Battery forced charge

  • User can charge the battery during off-peak tariff time or set the forced charge time according to the analysis of load power recording.
  • If the energy demand of the household during 7:00 am-9:00 am is 2 kWh, set the forced charge time to be 1:00 am-7:00 am with the target SOC of 40% (battery capacity 6 kWh).
  • The SH5K PV ESS will charge the battery until its SOC reaches 40% before 7:00 am, so as to ensure the energy demand in 7:00 am-9:00 am.

> SunGrow Smart Energy Management– A PDF specification sheet.
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