Peria School – Saving with Solar everydayPeria School and the SolarKing team

You may recall earlier this year SolarKing assisted Peria School with a fully installed solar package, as featured in the local news and Seven Sharp.

SolarKing were happy to support Peria School, reducing their power bills and to assist Jason Tane, school principal and the board of trustees achieve their solar goals.

Peria School are focused on environmental sustainability, and the introduction of the solar system has helped educate kids about the many benefits of producing their own solar power.

With the introduction of Splash Monitoring for Peria School, you can now see the amount of solar power produced everyday.

Simply check out the solar production below and you’ll see solar power being produced in all weather throughout the day.

If you missed the original article, and would like to know more about the Peria School solar installation, please click the link.

Real Time Monitoring:

Would you like to see the current power generation of Peria School’s Solar installation?

Simply click on the image below to view our Splash Monitoring showing the system performance and history.   

Peria School Solar System Splash Monitoring