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Are you looking for rural solar solutions for your agricultural or horticultural business? SolarKing understand your rural solar needs.

We understand power is an absolute essential in the rural sector. We design solar solutions to provide FREE power generation to reduce your costs and we also provide an energy storage solutions so that in the event of a power outage your critical services keep running.

We’ll will work with you and present the best rural solar solutions to meet your goals with free quotes and no obligation solar advice. 

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Rural Solar Solutions - Dairy Farm Case Study

Rural Solar Dairy Case Study - Cow Shed with Solar



Matt and Suzanne have locked in a portion of their on-farm costs and protected themselves from rising electricity costs by installing a solar system on their cowshed roof.

In July SolarKing installed a 19 kW Solar System and they immediately started saving off their power bill. Their electricity consumption is now half of the previous year! The actual cash savings are $5,948 + GST in their bank account, which equates to an 22.3% cash return on investment in the first year, before depreciation deductions.

The system will be fully paid-off inside 5 years and delivers an annual saving off their power bill of $37.30 per cow!

They have also installed a smaller solar system on their house roof to fully maximise the benefits of solar.

Rural Solar Dairy Case Study Power graph

Solar + Farming - Case Study

As published on, farmers are learning how to do their farming within solar arrays, and in a new green twofer, solar arrays could actually help push the regenerative agriculture movement into the mainstream.

The first twist in the field of solar + farming was a relatively simple one.
Raise the solar panels just a few extra feet off the ground, and you can graze sheep and other animals on the same land. You can also use the land for pollinator habitat. Et voilà, there you have something new called agrivoltaics.

To read the full CleanTechnica article, click here.

Rural Solar NZ - Solar Farming Array

Rural Solar + Farming + Agriculture delivers results – learn more

Rural Solar - Dairy Shed Tilt Frame
Rural Solar - Milking Shed

Rural Solar NZ

Our rural solar specialists can provide free advice and no obligation quotes for all your rural solar requirements.

We cover all types of farms and vineyards, horticulture, agriculture, poultry and more.

From rural solar installations on rooftops and ground based solar arrays and the latest solar energy storage options we’ll tailor a solar solution to suit your needs.

We also provide financing options to make your solar investment simple and tax effective with flexible terms to suit rural solar needs.

For a free quote and no obligation chat about your solar needs, simply call SolarKing on 0508 765 276 or complete the form below. We’re here to help.

Rural Solar- Solar Array
Solar Array - Commercial Solar

Would you like a Free Rural Solar quote?

SolarKing offer free no obligation quotes, tailored to suit your power usage and goals.

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