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SolarKing are proud to announce our Solar Batteries that provide a cost effective way to store your excess solar power. You can now truly harness the power of the sun, store your own power and use it at a time that’s convenient!

We have monitored the solar battery market for many years and kept a close eye on the range of technologies available.

SolarKing believe our home energy storage solutions offer the best options on the market at a cost effective price point that will significantly increase your energy self sufficiency. Discover more below….

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Solar Batteries - Lithium ion verses Lithium Iron FAQs

Solar Batteries - Our Best Offers

Perfect for New Solar Customers

Our Ultimate DC Expandable Package

2.4 kW Solar + 2.5 kWh BYD Battery Unit

LiFePh04 Batteries

BYD Battery and Inverter PackageStarting from Only $14,950* incl. GST

*Indicative pricing is ex Auckland warehouse and excludes installation and freight.
Our Ultimate Expandable Home Solar Packages are DC coupled and come complete with a Sungrow 5 KW hybrid inverter.

Ultimate Expandable Home Solar + Battery Solution

SolarKing are really excited to launch our new Solar + Batteries packages.
We have partnered with two of the worlds largest and best manufacturers of controllers and battery systems to bring you what we believe is the ULTIMATE EXPANDABLE HOME SOLAR PACKAGE!

BYD batteries are renowned as one of the best in the world, proven in the amazing range of BYD electric vehicles and energy storage systems, all the way up to megawatt utility size installations.
Naturally BYD LiFePh04 batteries the safest lithium available and will NOT put your home at risk of thermal meltdown!

Our BYD package is controlled by the market leading Sungrow Hybrid inverter to give you the best available control technology for your system.

  • 2.4kW solar array consisting of 8 x latest PERC technology 300Wp panels
  • A Sungrow 5 KW hybrid inverter (DC coupled solution) with the capacity to add up to 16 more panels as your needs grow
  • The world famous BYD B-Box battery unit with complete battery management system and a 2.5kWh battery module, IP55 rated so it does NOT need to be in the garage or house.
  • Flexible battery storage options up to 10 kW hours.
  • All racking and DC equipment required for your installation
  • 10 year warranty
  • High power, rapid charge/discharge

For more information, please refer to:

SunGrow 5kW Inverter SH5K PV ESS  (PDF)

Canadian Solar – KuPower panels (PDF)

BYD Battery Cabinet Overview (PDF)

Perfect for existing Solar Customers

Sonnen Solar Batteries

4 KWH > 16 KWH AC Coupled unit

Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4)

Sonnen Home Energy Storage SolutionsStarting from Only $12,600* incl. GST

*Indicative pricing is ex Auckland warehouse and excludes installation and freight.
Sonnen systems are AC coupled and can be retro fitted to any existing solar power system.

Sonnen AC Battery – The German Solution

The Sonnen AC Solar Battery is German designed and simple to install, safe and easy to upgrade to suit your power storage needs. This system is ideal for both new and existing solar customers.

The standard Sonnen system comes with 2 x 2 KWH usable batteries and additional batteries can be added at any stage up to a total of 16 KWH.

  • Very simple to install – wall or floor mounted.
  • Suits both existing solar installations and new installs
  • Interconnects with standard household
  • AC wiring
  • 20 year design life
  • High quality German and European components
  • Safe, reliable and proven storage technologies
  • Sony Lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries
  • Dynamic Energy management – real time connectivity
  • Future proofed system – add more batteries as your power storage needs change

For more information, please refer to:

Sonnen Energy Storage Overview (PDF)

Sonnen Energy Storage Technical Specs (PDF)

Sonnen Battery Overview (PDF)

Sonnen Battery Comparison Table – Tesla and LG (PDF)

AC or DC Coupled - What's the difference?

Are you unsure whether you need AC or DC coupled?

When considering solar + battery storage solutions there is a lot of misinformation and confusion in the NZ market about whether AC or DC coupled is the better option.

We’ve put together a short 3 minute video below providing a quick overview on the difference between AC and DC coupled solutions to help answer your questions.

If you would like any addition information simply call the friendly team at SolarKing on 0508 765 276 – we’re here to help.

Battery Storage - What size system?

Solar Batteries Harness the power of the sunAre you unsure what size battery bank you need?

Existing Solar Customers:

For existing solar customers, your solar battery bank size should equate to the average daily exports made back to the grid which you can then store and use in the evenings/early mornings to save even more on your power bill. Note: A number of our customers are taking the opportunity to add additional panels to their installation and storing their excess power to further reduce their power bills – that’s smart thinking!

New Solar Customers:

For new solar customers, simply talk to the friendly team at SolarKing. We’ll determine your power profile and recommend the most appropriate solar battery bank size to store any excess power, and provide no obligation FREE quotes. Simply complete the form below and we’ll be in touch to discuss your solar needs.

Solar Batteries - Free Quotes

Our Home Energy Storage Solutions start from only $12,600* including GST.

SolarKing offer free solar advice, no obligation quotes and our friendly team are here to help with all your solar needs.

If you have questions about our Home Energy Storage Solutions and would like to know which product and solar energy bank would best suit your needs simply complete the form below or call the friendly team on 0508 SolarNZ (0508 765 276) – we’re here to help. For mobile visitors, Click to Call.

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