Solar Panel Systems Installation Process

So, you’ve done the research and decided a solar panel system is the right decision for your requirements?Solar Panel Installation

Like to know more about the Solar Panel Installation process and how SolarKing works for you?

The process for having a solar power system is as follows:

  • Your SolarKing representative will liaise with you to help you select the size of system you require
  • Once you have received your quote and are happy to proceed, complete the acceptance page of the quote and return to SolarKing
  • You will need to decide on which power company you will use and advise SolarKing and provide your account number
  • Your 50% deposit payment will be due prior to your installation starting. SolarKing will install your system, provide a certificate of compliance and liaise with your local lines company. At this stage your final payment to SolarKing will be due in full.
  • Your lines company will issue an approval to connect
  • SolarKing will forward this to your selected power company with the associated documentation for you
  • Your selected power company will schedule the installation of your new “import/ export” meter
  • Once your power company has installed your new meter SolarKing technicians will come and commission your system and you will be enjoying the benefits of generating your own power.

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