What is the Solar Power Payback Period?

Many clients ask us about the likely Solar Power Payback period of a solar power system.Solar Panel Payback

Every installation is unique and every clients usage pattern is unique. Various power companies have different import/ export tariffs.

Generally speaking though, the average residential retail import/export value of 1 Kwh (Kilowatt hour or unit of power) is currently 25c.

We have been advised that the average annual increase in power prices is 7%.

It would seem reasonable then to assume a 7% increase in value annually of power produced.

If 1kw of solar power system generates 5 hours per day of power that equates to 1825 Kwh a year which at 25c equates to $456.

Therefore allowing for a 7% increase in power prices per year the payback just in power produced would be:


So if each Kw of solar system cost for instance $3,260 then the system payback would be approximately 6 years.

This calculation is an example only to assist in doing your own calculation and is not intended to be a detailed analysis of any individual system and its’ production. We trust that this helps in your understanding of the parameters behind assessing a solar power systems performance. Individual customers must rely on their own research and calculations when considering the benefits of installing a solar power system and SolarKing accept no responsibility for and decision made based on this information.

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