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BYD and Sungrow Special Offer

SolarKing are very excited to launch our new Solar + Batteries packages.

We have partnered with two of the world’s largest and best manufacturers of controllers and battery systems to bring you what we believe is the ULTIMATE EXPANDABLE HOME SOLAR PACKAGE!

BYD BATTERIES are renowned as one of the best in the world, proven in the amazing range of BYD electric vehicles and energy storage systems, all the way up to megawatt utility size installations.

Naturally BYD are LiFePh04 batteries the safest lithium available and will NOT put your home at risk of thermal meltdown!

Our BYD package is controlled by the market leading Sungrow Hybrid inverter to give you the best available control technology for your system. 

Our Ultimate DC Expandable Package 2.4 kW Solar + 2.5 kWh BYD Battery Unit - NOW ONLY $14,950*

Solar Panels and BYD Battery and Inverter Package

Our Ultimate DC Expandable Package is a fantastic deal and comes with:

  • 2.4kW solar array consisting of 8 x latest PERC technology 300Wp panels
  • A Sungrow 5 KW hybrid inverter (DC coupled solution) with the capacity to add up to 16 more panels as your needs grow
  • The world famous BYD B-Box battery unit with complete battery management system and a 2.5kWh battery module, IP55 rated so it does NOT need to be in the garage or house.
  • Flexible battery storage options up to 10 kW hours.
  • All racking and DC equipment required for your installation
  • 10 year warranty
  • High power, rapid charge/discharge


Special Deal ONLY $14,950 including GST*

(Installation and delivery estimated separately)



*Pricing includes GST and racking for an iron roof. Installation and delivery will be quoted separately.
Small additional racking charges apply for a non iron roof. Installation quoted separately as every install is unique. Our installer network can provide tailored installation quotes or your preferred electrician can install.

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