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Due to the high demand for SolarKing to supply our quality solar power systems direct to customers, builders and the electrical trade, we are now offering our Supply Only Solar packages at WHOLESALE SOLAR PRICES.

This suits some of our clients, who may either be trades people themselves, have a family member who is an electrician or be building or renovating and have an electrician on site who is happy to install a system for them.

Installation of a solar power system is DEFINITELY NOT a DIY project. Every system must be installed by a registered electrician and inspected by a registered electrical inspector or it will NOT be able to be commissioned and connected to the National grid. Solar power systems are high voltage equipment and it is important that they are installed correctly.

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If you are taking advantage of our supply only service there are a few things that you, or your electrician will need to do yourself.

You will need to do the following:

  • Contact your power network, you can go to their website, download the application form to allow you to connect your solar power system to the network. This is relatively simple but there are a few technical questions that your electrician can help you with.
  • Once your system is installed and has been inspected and you have a code of compliance certificate you will need to go to your power retailers website and download the application form to have an import/export meter installed, this allows the power company to pay you for your exported power. Once again there will be a few technical questions that you may need help with.
  • When you have submitted this application you may need to liaise with the power company to ensure they promptly change your meter.

Once this is done your electrician will be able to turn on your system and you’ll be enjoying FREE solar power.

Our call centre is available to assist you in the documentation process and provide further information about our Supply Only Solar Packages.

Supply Only Packages from only $1,795 + GST per kW

SolarKing Supply Only Solar packages start from only $1,795* plus GST per kW.  

SolarKing offer free solar advice, no obligation quotes and our friendly team are here to help with all your solar needs.

*Note: For supply only system deliveries freight will be charged in addition to the advertised price subject to system size and delivery location.

If you have questions about our Supply Only solar packages and would like to find which size system would be right for you, simply complete the form below or call us on 0508 SolarNZ (0508 765 276) – we’re here to help. For mobile visitors, Click to Call.

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